Don't Hesitate...

View the NFID infographic on the importance of protecting children from flu

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Freddie the Flu Detective

NFID public service announcement (:30 animated video) providing information on how to detect, prevent, and treat the flu

Flu Facts of the Week

Flu Facts of the Week

Share these Flu Facts to help spread the word about the importance of annual flu vaccination

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Social Media Icons

Calendar of Tweets/Facebook Status Updates

View 2014-2015 calendar of sample tweets/Facebook status updates

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Mom with Baby

Is Your Child Protected from the Flu?

Influenza is a serious disease. It’s important for you, as parents and caregivers, to help protect your kids by making sure they — and you — get vaccinated every year.

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Flu Fighter Coloring Book

Flu Fighter Coloring Book

Arm your child with the F.A.C.T.S. about flu

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Asian Baby

Pregnancy and Influenza

Immunization is the best and safest way for pregnant women to protect themselves, their developing babies, and newborns from influenza

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CIIC Reports
CIIC reports highlight the need to increase immunization rates among children of all ages and outline strategies to improve immunization rates as well as future challenges for the immunization community to address

"Flu Funnies" Videos
Humorous videos show some of the extreme measures parents might take to protect their children from seasonal influenza, and how easy a simple vaccination is in comparison

Influenza Video
This short video features experts in public health, medical, patient, and parent groups speaking about the seriousness of influenza and importance of annual vaccination.