10 reasons children


Reading aloud to children from Home an early age is a very engaging activity and strengthens the adult-child relationship.

Pediatricians indicate that shared reading during the first 3 years of life is the most important thing parents can do to support a child’s cognitive and emotional development. A child who receives daily readings will acquire a richer vocabulary, have more imagination, express themselves better and be more curious to discover the world.

Why read to children since childhood

Reading aloud is pleasant, builds the habit of listening, increases attention span and increases the desire to learn to read when the child is older.

Your voice is magic to the baby. The element that matters most is being together and sharing reading in the family. You can follow the text and the pictures, and undertake a reading full of emotional exchanges with the child.

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Your baby likes to be held and hear your voiceREAD ME WHYSO WE ARE TOGETHERThe time spent reading together is a rich time for both of usREAD ME WHYI WILL REMEMBERThe memory of the stories you read together remains foreverREAD ME WHYIT’S GOOD FOR ME.

Family reading nourishes your child’s mind and stimulates his attention

Family reading nourishes your child's mind and stimulates his attentionREAD ME WHY SO I FALL ASLEEP BETTER The ritual of the story read helps the child sleep
READ ME WHY EVERY TIME IT’S DIFFERENT With each reading your child discovers new and different things READ ME ONCE AGAIN

  • Your baby likes to hear the same story over and over again READ MEANOTHER BOOK
  • Your child likes to change books and travel to other worlds READ ME THE FIGURES

Each illustration is a story to tell READ ME I ASK YOU WHY From every story come other stories and a thousand questions that enrich life LET’S DEEPEN TOGETHER


If the ten good reasons seemed useful to you, you can explore them further and discover many others by subscribing for free to the activities of the Nati per Leggere unit in your city.

Our mission is to help you have the right skills for the most difficult and delicate job in the world.

This is confirmed by the success of the Turin Book Fair, which has just ended. And the effort made by major publishers to create a new sector fair, Tempo di libri, in Milan. The Nati per Leggere manifesto developed around the Milanese event.

Which is one of the projects developed by Csb, the non-profit child health center of Trieste, which has always been at the forefront so that creative practices are offered by parents to their children from an early age.

The manifesto, which takes the form of a decalogue, was written in collaboration with the Italian Publishers Association and Pierdomenico Baccalario. And it is part of the national “Read me why” campaign, launched for the first time in 2014, on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the program aimed at encouraging family reading.

Reading together is good

And it tastes As the decalogue, entitled “Ten good reasons to read with our children”, clarifies, this practice guarantees a series of benefits, even to the very young child. First of all of an emotional and relational nature.

Reading together is goodThe little one likes to be held in his arms, to hear mum and dad’s voice, to listen to stories.

And then of a cognitive-linguistic nature. Reading in the family feeds the child’s mind, stimulates his attention, makes him always discover new words. Behind each of which, it is known, there is a world.

  1. It pushes him towards unexplored territories, which are very fertile for him. Because they allow him to fully experience his opportune time, which is the creative present.
  2. As the pedagogist Dario Arkel reminded us in a recent interview.
  3. Against educational poverty

“There is also a strong sign of inclusion within the decalogue”, they say to the Csb. “In fact, the title underlines ‘our’ children to indicate that Nati per Leggere is a program of community and social cohesion.